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Micro Grid Solar plus Storage Generation Solution 800 kW

The Versatility of Micro Grid Generation Solutions

A Micro Grid generation solution is best described as a local and independent power plant that can generate, distribute, store and regulate the flow of electricity to any number of customers within the Micro Grid system vicinity boundaries. It is essentially a scaled down version of the main grid that we are all familiar with, that can operate either in partnership with the main grid when required, or in an ‘island mode’ completely divorced from the grid, depending on the system design parameters.

When necessary though, a Micro Grid system can also (automatically and seamlessly) work effectively in tandem with the grid, sharing the Micro Grid customers total load demand requirements. A Micro Grid can be powered from non-renewable sources or renewable energy sources only, or by any combination of available power sources depending on the system design parameters. The more a Micro Grid solution is optimized for the use of renewable energy input sources though such as solar PV, wind power, or small scale hydro-power, the lower will be its environmental impact and over the longer term will prove to be highly cost effective in its overall operations, which flow on to benefit all of the Micro Grid customers.

Whether building a Micro Grid generation solution from scratch or retrofitting an existing diesel fuel generation Micro Grid for example, Aquila Power can assist you in developing worlds best practice turn-key optimal Micro Grid solutions. This includes the seamless integration of multiple renewable energy sources as appropriate, coupled with highly reliable energy storage technologies such as batteries; compressed air storage or pumped hydro storage for example, to guarantee uninterrupted high quality and stable power supply, safely and efficiently for all customers 24/7 x 365.