A Modern Clean Energy Focused World

Abundant, reliable, low cost, clean and safe electrical power 24/7 is a critical resource required by all people, businesses and industries everywhere; and nothing less than this is acceptable in the modern energy focused era we live.

The 'Future Global Energy Generation and Distribution Imperative' demands new power intensive and innovative technology products and solutions for our collective future survival and prosperity.

And we know:- 'The Future is Now'.


Farming and Agriculture is all about Power and Water RE Technology Solutions sharing common goals

Having abundant power and permanent water resources available for rural enterprises at [low cost] opens many doors for experienced water and power systems design engineers, to research and develop new and innovative technology design solutions suitable for all industries in general, but there is none more important than the technology needs of the Australian rural sector, and in particularly small family based farming enterprises.

Expensive electricity directly impacts the financial viability of farming enterprises and particularly those overly dependent on energy intensive electrical equipment such as pumps, motors, cold stores, heating and irrigation equipment for example. A critical realisation by farm owners must now be that electricity costs are rising, and it is inconceivable that prices will ever decrease.

New era innovative RE power optimisation technologies, will underpin the modernisation of sustainable farming practices and processes throughout Rural Australia.

Power + Water Technologies In Sync

Aquila Power


Aquila Power - Rural Bore Pumping Solution (PV + Inverter)

About Aquila Power

Aquila Power in partnership with sister business unit Flowtech Water Meters, is a total Renewable Energy Technology solutions designer; manufacturer and installer of cost effective systems and solutions for use by Australian rural farming producers.

Aquila Power Technology systems employ world best practice engineering design standards featuring robust and reliable modular and scalable standalone solar PV power generation plants integrated with custom designed 'specific for task' technology and equipment including:-

  • Hybrid Energy Resource Integrated Off Grid Solutions including [Solar - Wind - Pico Hydro - Battery];
  • Energy Intensive Aquaculture Farming Systems;
  • Energy Intensive Hothouse/Environment Controlled Horticulture Systems;
  • Energy Intensive High Yield Vertical Horticulture Systems;
  • Innovative Kinetic Energy [Hydro] Power Generation Systems from nearby Low Flow Rate Rivers & Streams;
  • Systems for Energy Intensive Irrigation Requirements;
  • Energy Intensive Water Pumping & Management Systems;
  • Systems for Energy Intensive Heating and Cooling Requirements;
  • Energy Intensive Low Duty Cycle Electrical Machinery Generation Systems.

Operating in the Renewable Energy sector as technology innovators, system designers, and product manufacturers since 2009, Aquila Power has acknowledged expertise in RE power systems design engineering and installation in the field, and never loses sight that genuine cost saving outcomes for customers are mission critical objectives that must be achieved for any rural farming technology employed.

Aquila Power [parent company] is a well established research and development company since 1990 and is the registered owner of an Australian Innovation Patent for integrated solar PV and small scale hydro generation solutions.

Flowtech Water Meters


Flowtech Water Meters - Councils Bulk Water Digital Metering 

About Flowtech Water Meters

Flowtech Water Meters as an innovative Australian design manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of custom hydraulic technology products, to over 80 Australian Local Government Councils; State Utilities; Hydraulic Consultants and Engineering Contractors since 1985; brings invaluable expertise to the Rural RE Tech Solutions 2020 technology development partnership initiative with sister business unit Aquila Power.

Flowtech Digital Metering Technology is regarded as setting the industry benchmark standard in Australia for digital bulk water metering; Fire Fighting Hydrant compliance testing, water mains diagnostic instrumentation and professional services including:-

  • Council Water Reticulation System Performance Diagnostics;
  • Reticulation Cross Connections and Reverse Flow Issues;
  • Reticulation Pressure Surge and Spikes Analysis;
  • Reticulation Lost Water and Leaks by Reservoir Drop Testing;
  • Sewage Inflow and Infiltration Diagnostics;
  • Sewage Treatment Anaerobic Effluent Quality Optimisation;
  • Firefighting Performance Adequacy tests to AS2419 Diagnostics;
  • Water Mains Scouring and Tuberculosis in Pipes Diagnostics.

Flowtech are regarded as an industry leader in water engineering technology, and only the highest engineering standards and material specifications apply to Flowtech Water Meters products.

With precision machined stainless steel, brass and  aluminium castings, Flowtech Water Meters is considered by engineering professionals throughout the water industry as having set a standard by which international metering technology manufacturers products are evaluated.

Flowtech enjoys a well established reputation as being a customer focussed business, always exceeding customers service expectations.  

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If you are an engineer, electrician, energy projects contractor, farm manager or energy related corporation, involved with the Australian Rural sector in particular, please join up. The RE technology world is rapidly changing and you need to remain aware and up to date about changes that affect your rural communities and businesses alike. Highly recommended for all those rural people who want their business to prosper sustainably by introducing new cost effective Renewable Energy technology solutions into their business practices and processes.